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Editor & Publisher of
New On The Charts,
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Music Business Reference, Inc.
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Originally established in 1976, New On The Charts®, our subscription based music business information service, was used by executives at both major and indie record companies and music publishing firms, professional songwriters and producers, talent managers and ad agencies, as well as numerous other music related businesses. Since our circulation was limited to professionals only, it allowed us to print confidential leads and contacts unavailable through any other source and kept us in the music business-to-business space for 35 years.

New On The Charts® publication format:

CHART CONTACTS - When a new record hit the charts* we listed the ARTIST, PRODUCER, PUBLISHER, RECORD LABEL, BOOKING AGENCY & MANAGER of the act, all cross-referenced with their contact information (including e-mail & websites).
* Top 100 Pop, Top 50 Urban & Country

COVER STORIES – From 1976 through 1999, these included profiles of producers, record or publishing companies, or who’s who directories.


PUBLISHERS NEWSLETTER - Listing LEADS as to who was going in the studio and would accept original material. We were THE ORIGINAL such service, copied by numerous other 'tip sheets' over the years, and were responsible for literally hundreds of cover records and numerous chart hits.

SOUNDTRACK NEWSLETTER - Listing FILMS and TV projects in production that needed music. Clients included both major studios and indie production companies, with subscribers placing material in numerous film, TV and advertising campaigns.

INTERNATIONAL DEALS - Listing MASTER LICENSING and SUB-PUBLISHING available outside of the U.S. on records and catalogues, and the lawyer or contact responsible, resulting in hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in licensing and publishing agreements worldwide.

This new site is a detailed compilation of that history with reprints of every issue we published from 1976-2011, provided in two separate formats, one open to the public, and the other password protected for business-to-business applications that includes access to all complete past issues To see a sample issue please click here.

There is a one-time $35.00 charge to generate a username and password for unlimited access to complete PDFs of all past issues. If interested please click here.


Home Page – Covers:

This Home Page is made up of the January covers for each year. If you click on a cover, the twelve monthly covers from that year will appear. You then have the option to enlarge that cover or view the cover story from that issue.

With a Username and Password, you can then also open a searchable PDF of that entire issue, including all producer, publisher and manager contact information as well as the Publishers Newsletter and Soundtrack newsletter in each issue where applicable.

Index – (1976-1999)

This is a chronological Table of Contents for the printed issues prior to the year 2000, when the publication moved to an online format. These include a listing of the Cover Story, Producer Of The Month, and Recording Studio spotlighted in each issue. If you click on either the Cover Story or Studio, the cover artwork will appear. If you click on the Producer, that producer’s bio will come up.

A Keyword Search Box is provided to search for specific contents.

Classic ADS:

These are historic print ads run in New On The Charts® over the years. They are organized in separate and distinct categories:

  • Conference & Conventions
  • Managers, Booking Agents and Producers
  • Music Publishers
  • Music Video Producers
  • Record Companies
  • In-House Ads
  • Trade Publications
  • Studios
  • Performing Rights Societies & Organizations
  • Miscellaneous

If you click on the collage of any category, a chronological display of thumbnails will appear. You can then click on any thumbnail to enlarge it.

A Keyword Search box is also provided to find specific ads.

PRODUCER Profiles:

These are proprietary biographies of the major record (and occasional video) producers responsible for hit records over the years. Each was written by, and based on private interviews and miscellaneous information compiled by Editor & Publisher, Leonard Kalikow. These are displayed alphabetically by first name. A Keyword Search box is also provided for finding a specific producer.


This is a chronological compilation of key editorials printed by Editor & Publisher, Leonard Kalikow, that offer a curve of history as the music industry evolved… from the launch of our song-leads(1976) to the birth of music videos (1980) and the death of John Lennon (1981) to the addition of Urban and Country chart info(1986), and moving online (1987) and the beginning of merger mania(1989), the Gulf War affects MIDEM(1991) as the music video business begins to fade(1992), then the L.A. earthquake(1994) and Midem in Miami(1997), to our reformat and move to the internet(2000), then the dot com bubble bursts and 9/11 happens(2001) and we feel the economic pinch begin at Popkomm, Midem and SXSW(2001), to the beginning of the end for CDs(2003), the growth of ringtones(2006) and our addition of Artists In Transition(2007), we stop attending MIDEM(2008) and music supervisors are the new a&r(2010) as the music industry continues to contract and we close the publication(2011).

The filename listed with each thumbnail is a hint to the contents.


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